Welcome to Wolverine Airsoft, the Leader in HPA Innovation!

Wolverine Airsoft LLC exists to bring the highest level of airsoft performance technology to the airsoft market by taking complex ideas and turning them into smart, simple designs. Focusing on the growing field of High Pressure Air (HPA) technology, we make our products as convenient to use and as reliable as possible while preserving the true performance advantages intrinsic to HPA.

We are known for our invention of the Wolverine Single Moving Part (SMP), the next step in the evolution of HPA technology. The SMP is a high performance HPA system that uses one moving part, one solenoid valve, and can be dropped into virtually any airsoft gun platform on the market. Check out the SMP ADVANTAGE to learn more about how our smart, simple design will carry your game to a whole new level.

The Open Bolt technology of the SMP was revolutionary and had tremendous advantages. This is verified by the multiple copy-cat products that were released to compete with us. However, we have already discovered the next step in Airsoft technology. The GEN 2 Inferno is a HYBRID of Open Bolt and Closed Bolt technology. It takes the advantages of Open Bolt, but takes out the hassle of tuning and searching for the right hop up/bucking/barrel combinations. The GEN 2 Inferno stabilizes the bb in the hop up before firing, removing any spin that can cause the bb to veer in a different direction at range. We have upgraded our guns to the GEN 2 Inferno and have found that they shoot perfectly, usually with stock parts.

The efficiency of our systems is maximized by our extremely compact STORM regulator. It is available in two versions: OnTank and InGrip. The STORM OnTank is the smallest regulator on the market with the best refresh rate. The STORM InGrip mounts in the grip of standard M4 rifles. It maximizes refresh rate and allows for use of CO2 due to the expansion chamber (remote line).

For those who like the idea of HPA but don't want a line coming out of their gun or carry a tank, we invented the Wraith: CO2 Stock. The Wraith allows you to run your HPA engine by using 12g CO2 cartridges in your stock. It has the same performance as HPA and gives you 200 shots per cartridges.

For the snipers, we have created the BOLT. The BOLT converts spring powered sniper rifles to HPA monsters! It is compatible with the WRAITH CO2 Adapter and STORM High Pressure Regulator.

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