How is this different than Mancraft?

Both being mechanical systems for bolt action, there are obviously many similarities. Some of the main differences:

  1. It is based on our patent pending BOLT technology.
  2. BOLT M is pure pneumatics, meaning there is no spring driving the system. This is important because it allows us to create a system that has no spring resistance on the pull. The pull is smooth and free of resistance just like the BOLT.
  3. We have designed an air line adaptor system that allows both simple installation and maintains the same quick tear down you have with the spring version of the gun.

Does this mean you are getting rid of BOLT?

No, the BOLT has set a gold standard of performance in bolt action, and we don’t have plans to discontinue it.

Then why?

  1. Offer a lower cost option to customers
  2. Offer a non electrical option for those that prefer it.
  3. Allow us to offer compatibility with a wider range of platforms.

What platforms will you be offering?

We plan to start with VSR and Ares striker (design is complete on both of those platforms) and we will offer others in the future.

Price point?

TBD, but aiming for sub $200

Launch date?

TBD, estimating second quarter or early third quarter.

Energy range?

TBD, but should be very broad

Work with zero triggers?

not at this time.

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