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So I have heard the pitch but you can make anything sound good in the marketing. Seriously, how big a difference is there between the Gen2 and the other products on the market?

A huge difference. Nothing else offers the simplicity and performance of the Gen 2. But don’t just take our word, check out what some of our early testers had to say:

video review
-”KP” Advanced Airsoft (Hawaii)

“I love it! Everying just works like it should. Not nearly as picky with alignment. “
-Thomas Grace, BG Airsoft, Bowling Green, KY

“Beautiful. We pulled off consistent measured 320′ shots out of the 300mm mk18 barrel. No one could believe what they saw with their own eyes.
It’s known as the mouse fart rifle at Insane because it’s that quiet. No one hears it shoot until they feel it “
-Gen2 Inferno + Wraith CO2 Stock, Chris Cosentino, Parafrog Airsoft, Knoxville, TN

Can I upgrade my SMP/Inferno/HYDRA to a Gen 2 Inferno?

Yes! We will be offering upgrade kits which include the GEN2 Inferno body along with a filtered grip line. Simply swap the valve and electronics over from the original system and you are ready to rock!

But wait what about HYDRA?

We have recently release a GEN 2 HYDRA as well. It uses the same technology as the GEN 2 INFERNO and is adapted for offset nozzles.
Does this mean you won’t support Gen1 Inferno/HYDRA?
We do our best to always support our products even if they are discontinued. Nothing to worry about. :-)

So with the independent nozzle and poppet is the turning more complicated?

Not at all. Because the system still is operated by the single solenoid valve direct fired design, it features the same ultra simple tuning our SMP products are known for!

Does this mean I can just drop it in and go with no extra tuning to the hop up etc?

Yes! The system performs extremely well with most stock hop up configurations. The only think you will want to check is that your alignment is right. While the Gen2 is less sensitive to alignment than single moving part systems, it will still play a role in the overall performance of the gun.