For a standard installation you will need the following:
– SMP with appropriate tirgger board and nozzle length Gearbox from the gun you are installing in
– Small philips head screwdriver Star/philips/hex driver for gearbox dis-assembly

For instructions on your specific gun, go to “setup” —> “installation”

Step 1

Open the gearbox.


Step 2

Remove the gears, cylinder set, spring, spring guide, antireversal latch, tapet plate, air nozzle, and trigger switch. On a version 2 gearbox also remove the cutoff lever. Bushings/bearings may be removed as well if desired. Wipe up excess grease.

Step 3

Place SMP Cylinder in place of the cylinder set. Install trigger board in place of trigger electronics.
NOTE 1: For V3 gearboxes it may be necessary to shim the trigger board slightly to ensure that the cutoff lever travels freely. A small strip of electrical tape works well for this.

Step 4

Reassemble gearbox with wires routed to front or rear as desired. Assemble back into gun body normally, with airline passing through the grip.


If you would like to rout the air line to the rear, it is necessary to drill or cut a hole in the rear of the gearbox to accommodate it.
It is a good idea to check that everything is functioning properly before installing into the gun body.


Video Installation Guides: