Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I convert an existing Reaper to a Reaper M?

Possibly. The Reaper must have the newer design valve housing with the air line recessed. We will post more compatibility information in the future.

What does the trigger feel like/can I spam the trigger?

The trigger on the Reaper M (specifically the MTW version) is set up to as closely as possible replicate the feel of an AR 15 trigger. The pull weight measures around 4-5 pounds, and has a distinct break and reset. Notice that it is a very different mechanism from an AR trigger so the feeling is not identical. But it is much closer than the soft feel of most airsoft triggers. It allows a reasonable rate of fire on semi, but if you are looking for a speed style trigger we absolutely recommend one of our electrical systems, not the mechanical.

How is this different than the N7 Milsim?

First and foremost the engine is still our patent pending reaper technology. As far as the mechanical portion, reaper M uses a proprietary self piloted valve.

What is a self piloted valve and why does it matter?

This means that instead of having the main valve on the engine and a separate trigger pilot valve mounted elsewhere, the pilot (the small valve that you press to actuate the main firing valve) is built into the main valve itself. This results in Superior efficiency by eliminating the dead space in the air lines between main and pilot valve, and in a cleaner over all design. Also, since we have designed the entire valve system specifically for this application, it has allowed us to design out trigger creep/leaking. That is the effect where the speed the trigger is pulled at impacts the velocity/talented of the shot, or the tendency if the pilot valve to leak or bleed off air if the trigger is pulled slowly or only partially.

With Reaper M for MTW will empty mag detection still work?

No. This is an electrical function.

Will you still offer Electromechanical reaper?

This has not been decided for certain. We will assess the market need for having both products.

What versions will you have available?

For AEG we plan to have versions for V2 and V3 gearboxes. There will be an MTW version as well.

Launch date?

TBD, estimating second quarter or early third quarter.

Price point?


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