The introduction of high-performance HPA technology has changed the airsoft arena. With the advantage of easy tuning and changes to velocity comes challenges for field owners to effectively regulate safe velocities. To this point manufacturers of HPA platforms have not effectively engaged with field owners to create systems which enable simple and effective enforcement. We aim to change all that. Being fully aware of the concerns and challenges that HPA technology presents to field owners, we have designed our products to be as safe and easy to regulate as possible. We are constantly seeking the input of retailers and field owners to help us find solutions for those concerns, rather than deny that they exist.

To our users: As an HPA user, you must recognize that your system is capable of seriously injuring other players. We ask that you treat the technology and other players with respect. While we have created the system to make it as difficult to abuse as possible, we recognize that it can still be done. We rely on YOU to show honor and respect to other players on the field and help keep the sport alive!

To retailers and field owners: As with any system, HPA or AEG, there will always be players who will find a way around rules and regulations. But, we want to do everything we can to address your concerns and make it as difficult as possible to abuse, and as easy as possible for fields to enforce their limits on our system. Please contact us at any time to provide input. Help us create an HPA product with outstanding performance that you can feel comfortable allowing onto your field.


Designed For Safety

Nozzles – all of the nozzles sold with the Wolverine SMP vary in length to accomodate various platforms, but are identical in diameter so that internal adjustments cannot be made. This allows field owners to visually inspect the external system and not worry about internal adjustments.
External regulation – we are currently developing a comprehensive external regulation system that helps field owners feel confident allowing HPA products onto the field. We will be publishing more information on this system as the details fall into place. Field owners and event organizers that are interested in our work are encouraged to contact us. We welcome your input!