Tuning 101

1. Set the air pressure

Increase the dwell time to its maximum setting by turning the dial labeled “dwell” counterclockwise as far as it will go.
Connect your high pressure air (HPA) tank and regulator.
Using a chronograph, adjust the air pressure by turning the adjustment knob on your regulator to achieve the velocity you want. NEVER EXCEED THE SPECIFIED OPERATING PRESSURE OF 120 PSI. DOING SO MAY DAMAGE TO THE PRODUCT OR CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY.

2. Maximize air efficiency

To achieve maximum air efficiency, turn the dwell time down as far as possible until the velocity begins to drop. This is the precise point at which you are providing just enough air through to carry the BB to the end of the barrel. However, if you turn the dwell all the way down, it will set it to zero. If you don’t have a chronograph to do this step, you can also watch the flight of the BB and listen to the sound of the gun firing. When you see a reduction in range or velocity and the muzzle crack becomes muffled, you have turned the dwell down too far and you are no longer providing enough air. Turn the dwell back up just enough to achieve the desired velocity.

3. Adjust rate of fire

The rate of fire (ROF) can be adjusted by turning the dial labeled “ROF” on the FCU. Turn the dial counterclockwise to increase the ROF and clockwise to decrease the ROF. The maximum ROF that can be obtained is determined by the selected operating pressure and dwell settings.

4. Set burst mode


Your Wolverine Airsoft HPA engine is capable of programable select fire to allow safe-semi-auto, safe-semi-burst, or safe-semi-semi select fire. To set what mode your gun operates in, do the following.

Hold down the gun’s trigger while plugging in the battery to access the burst menu located in the fire control unit (FCU). The LED light on the FCU will flash to indicate that you have accessed the menu. Release the trigger.

Pull the trigger to set the number of rounds in each burst as outlined in the table below. Each time you pull the trigger, the LED will flash a corresponding number of times to indicate the burst setting that has been selected.

To exit the menu, wait 5 seconds after the last trigger pull. Now the gun is ready to fire. The setting you selected will be saved as your default select fire setting.

Burst Mode Settings:
# of rounds in each burst # of trigger pulls/LED flashes
1 1
2 2
3 3
5 4
7 5
full auto 6

Now you’re ready to get out and play! To change your settings, be aware of the following:

If you want to change your velocity, start at the beginning of the instructions. With the dwell turned all the way up, set the air pressure to achieve the desired velocity. Then, decrease the dwell until you find the precise point at which velocity begins to drop.

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